The 3 Best Tripod For Cell Phones or Cameras

Looking For The Best Tripod For Cell Phones or Cameras

Discover how I accidentally found the best TRIPOD that transformed my office equipment into a Portable Video System.

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Tripod For Cell Phones & Cameras

It takes time to perfect the right webinars or videos. You need the right set-up and having the right equipment plays an important part in accomplishing these goals.

One of the ways I’ve been able to accomplish making successful videos and webinars was to have the right equipment. 

Here’s where my problem starts, to do shoots in my office was easy for me because most of my equipment is fixed in my office, so everything I need has its own place.  As my business started to grow I found myself needing to do more destination shoots,  I believed that it was good for me and good for my audience. 

When most of your equipment is confined to one place (my office).  It’s hard to pack up all that stuff like the microphone, the lighting setup, my camera, and other things needed to do shoots on location, and renting these things, well that’s a nightmare all by itself

For example,  I enjoy doing beaches and wilderness shoots. One special place I did a shoot was Taylor Creek Lake Tahoe.

What makes Taylor Creek so special?  Taylor Creek is known as the place where the life of the Kokanee Salmon begins and ends when they return to their birthplace to spawn and die. It is also doing this time of spawning while the salmon swim upstream the bears would come out to eat them.

This is where I was able to capture one of Nature’s wonders. But again, it’s a nightmare for me to move all this equipment from my office or even rent the stuff I needed for these shoots.

One day I was talking to a friend of mine, and somehow we got on the topic of work and work problems. I started telling him about the problem I was having doing shoots on location and trying to pack all my equipment and get there to set up was a hassle. To add to that, I told him how renting was pretty much the same and it was expensive.

He listened for a while, then he started telling me about this amazing tool and how easy it would be to set up my equipment, and it turns out to be one of the best things I’ve ever brought.


It’s called JOBY Gorilla TriPod 5K Kit, this funny-looking amazing tool solved my problem.

In the past anytime I’d go on location and I felt stuck because some of my equipment is permanently set up in my office and using rented equipment well isn’t just the same as using your own stuff.

Now I can actually take my very own Tri-Pod Portable System with me whenever I do destination shoots.

It’s really cool!

This is great for a location where you have to walk around, like the beach, I can also position all these features in any position I need and they stay that way until I readjust them.

Here are other types of tripod examples to try, and you will find they are very inexpensive!

Camera Tripod-Ulanzi-Logo-01ULANZI Camera Tripod w Remote Control,
Flexible Tripod Stand with Hidden
Phone Holder w Cold Shoe Mount
Aluminum Alloy Tripod-Logo-01Aluminum Alloy Video Camera Tripod with
360 Degree Fluid Drag Head
JOBY Gorilla Pod 5K Kit-logoJOBY-Gorilla Pod 5K Kit + Rig Upgrade,
Professional Tripod Stand with
Ball Head for DSLR or
Mirrorless Cameras with Lens
Now Camera Shots Are a Breeze And it’s Also Great For Webinars.

Now the coolest feature that blew me away was the time I was doing a location shoot in the marsh wilderness land. I couldn’t get the shot I wanted because of where I was trying to set up you see the ground was wet and unstable.

I can also use my selfie stick for camera shots, great for webinars

I could have used the selfie stick to take the shot,  but I had an idea of how long it would take before the animals I was waiting for would come into the picture.

As you can see, I literally had no place to set up.

Here’s the coolest thing that blew me away, you can WRAP IT, yes I said WRAP IT!

Let me show you how it works:

I was able to mount my tripod and camera on a tree limb and get the shot.

This was very helpful to me because the time it took me to take that shot was over an hour.

I would have been hating life if I had to hold that selfie stick and camera in my hand for that length of time.

So, whenever I go do location shoots, I can take my Portable System with me. There’s very little setup, it’s light and it’s easy to mount these features on the tripod with just a few turns of the screw it’s attached and locked and it’s ready to use.

Now, there are a lot more features to this Tri-Pod, but these are the features that I need.

I’m happy I bought the JOBY Gorilla-Pod 5-K Kit, and it was very inexpensive.                           

I got the JOBY GorillaPod 5K Kit because the destination locations where I go are sometimes difficult terrain. This rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability in these terrains.

IT’s available on Amazon there are other types of tripods like the ULANZI Camera Tripod that Amazon features like the JOBY Gorilla 5K Kit which is very affordable and durable.

I put a table above that shows images of different types and prices and descriptions of these tripods, as well as a link below to Amazon.

If you are interested you can check out these products for yourself and get a good idea of what I’m talking about.

Thanks for stopping by.

Knowing that Amazon has fast and free shipping I used my Amazon Prime, which made it easy to spend some money and helped me transform my office video equipment into an efficient Portable Video System.


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